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AIT Industries Inc.

Trabajo 224 James St. Bensenville Illinois IL 60106 USATeléfono Trabajo: 1-800-729-1959Página web: AIT Industries


History of AIT

For over fifty years, and with over twenty patents and inventions to our name, AIT has earned the recognition of the eye care industry as «A leader in edging technology». AIT has been servicing the Optical Industry since 1952 when we started in this business as a supplier of diamond wheels. In 1964, we revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the first truly automatic bevel edger. The introduction of this product into the optical community offered unprecedented gain in productivity and quality. By revolutionizing the finishing process, AIT helped fuel explosive growth in the opening of in-office finishing labs with eye care professionals. Before 1964 the time it took to process lenses in-office was too time consuming, unprofitable and costly to the independent eye care professional.

Today AIT has over 500 plus combined years of experience among our Executive Management Team, Sales and Marketing Team, Research and Development Team as well as our Technical Support Team. At AIT we are focused on making the customer experience the best it can be. We accomplish this with the commitment to innovation and development of high technology products to process today’s modern materials and eyewear. A testament to our innovation and ranking as a leader in edging technology is evident in our strong customer following at the wholesale market segment and our continual nominations for the OLA Award of Excellence. The experience of our staff and the superior technology we offer insures that you will be fully satisfied with AIT and our products.

As a lens and frame manufacturer and an experienced distributor of Ophthalmic Equipment, we plan to expand our product range and offer more to our customers and the marketplace. Today AIT is more than a Lens Finishing Equipment supplier. Today we offer automated instruments, optical tools, automated dispensing equipment and ophthalmic instruments. Below you can see our nationwide reach and presence.



  1. Patternless Edgers
  2. Tracers and Blockers
  3. Drilling
  4. Remote Tracing
  5. Dispensing Equipment
  6. Optical Tools / Equipment
  7. Ophthalmic Instruments
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224 James St. Bensenville Illinois IL 60106 USA