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Mei S.r.l
Trabajo Corso Europa Unita, 6 Valbrembo (BG) 24030  ItaliaTeléfono Trabajo:  +39 035 339 112 Página web: Mei System


History and company presentation

Founded in 1985 by Stefano Sonzogni and Raffaele Scudeletti, MEI S.r.l. has always focused on developing high quality CNC machines. In the 1990’s, MEI entered the optical industry with the Sphera, a milling edger for sunglass lenses. Throughout the next few years, all high volume sunglasses manufacturers across the world bought Sphera edgers. Then, through continuous collaboration with these customers, MEI developed the latest version of the Sphera, with the Sphera 2 Plus, which has maintained the same configuration since 2004.

Early in the 2000, MEI began a new venture to create an edger for ophthalmic lenses. With the primary focus on cutting lenses for sport and wrap frame, MEI introduced a revolutionary edging process into the ophthalmic industry. While current equipment manufacturers were using a grinding process to edge lenses, MEI used a milling process. This process significantly increased the flexibility of the machine, as well as the production rate for any organic lens material. The extraordinary results of milling allowed customers to cut all types of complex shapes required by the eyewear industry. This innovative concept brought a dramatic pulse to the business of sport prescription eyewear, and MEI grew rapidly due to the market penetration capacity of this new edging process.

In addition to the advancements associated with milling, MEI added automated lens loading and a tool changer for superior edging flexibility. Immediately, optical labs recognized the profit potential of having MonoSpheraRX-DD edgers in their facilities. Following the success of the first machine that edges one lens at a time, MEI introduced two more machines that edge a pair of lenses per cycle. First, was theBisphera-XDD, which uses a similar tool changer to maintain flexibility. Next, was the DoubleR-XDD that did not have a tool changer; however, it is still able to cut bevels and grooves, with accurate safety bevels, at a greater throughput of 120 lenses per hour.

This portfolio of edgers allowed MEI to introduce its technology into the USA market, taking advantage of this market’s tendency for labs to concentrate their finishing departments in large, industrial facilities. Today, MEI machines are found worldwide in labs of all major lens manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, Luxottica, and Shamir; in addition to some of the largest independent edging labs in USA, Europe, and Asia.
With the popularity of its automated edgers in high volume facilities, MEI entered a new market primarily focused on small to medium labs as was commonly found in Europe and Asia. In 2006, MEI introduced a smaller edger using the same technology and software, the MEI641. The MEI “All-in-One edger” with manual loading provides the same capability as the automated edgers with lower cost and a significantly reduced footprint. Many of these labs have already taken advantage of this edger, and the future for these edgers is extremely encouraging. In fact, MEI has recently introduced this edger with an automated loading system.



Ophthalmic Lab

All-in-One solutions for ophthalmic laboratories with any production rate need.

Industrial edgers:

Ez Fit
MEI641 – MEI641 Auto
Bisphera-XDD – DoubleR-XDD


Stackers – EZ Line – Shape Finder




MB01 Blocker
Vision & Inspection system:
TBA Unit

Sun & demo Lens/Mask Production

For all kind of masks cutting, sunglasses, safety & presentation lenses

Industrial edgers:

Sphera2 Plus XL – Sphera3
Laser Marking Unit

Frame production
Milling of pre-curved plastic surfaces (sport or fashion sunglasses)

3D Framer

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Corso Europa Unita, 6 Valbrembo (BG) 24030  Italia