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Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH
Trabajo Münchholzhäuser Straße 29 Wetzlar 35582  AlemaniaTeléfono Trabajo: +49 (0)641 2005-0Página web: Oculus


From Idea to Product

For more than 118 years, OCULUS has been a partner for eyecare professionals around the world. OCULUS provides support for the challenging daily tasks these specialists encounter by developing sophisticated technology-based instruments of the highest quality and by providing them with excellent in-service training for these instruments’ efficient operation.

The demanding expectations of our customers are important in every OCULUS undertaking and the satisfaction of these demands is the goal for individual instrument development projects.

More than 55% of the OCULUS turnover is going into the international market. OCULUS has 227 employees working in the headquarters, 172 of them in either research and development or production and service, and 55 of them in management and distribution.


German Precision since 1895.

1895 Alois Mager establishes the “A. Mager Special Factory for Ophthalmological Instruments” in Berlin.  Ophthalmoscopes, Javal-Ophthalmometers and the Försterperimeter are the company’s first products.

1922 Wilhelm Mager (Alois’ son) joins the company.  Wilhelm serves as the managing director from 1924 until 1956.

1932 The company A. Mager changes its name to OCULUS GmbH.

After World War II 1947 the company moves from East-Berlin to Wetzlar-Dutenhofen. Engineer Kurt Kirchhübel takes over as the next managing partner in 1947 and serves until 1986.
Since 1947 OCULUS has educated 253 apprentices as industry mechanics, merchants, opticians, tracers, toolmakers and electronics technicians.

1963, 1967, 1983, 1993-94 and 2008 extensive modernization and expansive construction is carried out at the company headquarters.  The new dispatch, warehouse, assembly and service department is finished in 1999. 2003 the plating department, paint shop and the refraction units assembly move to their new premises.

1985 exclusive contracts are signed with Nidek, Japan, for the sale, marketing and service of Nidek products in Germany.

1989 OCULUS establishes subsidiaries in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

1999 The U.S. subsidiary, OCULUS Inc., is found in Seattle, WA.

2007 OCULUS opens a subsidiary in Hong Kong.

2009 On July 4th, the new OCULUS main plant is completed after two years of construction.

2011 OCULUS opens a subsidiary in Madrid, Spain.



  1. Anterior Segment Analysis
  2. Binocular Loupes
  3. Manual Refraction
  4. Pachycam
  5. Perimetry
  6. Refraction Equipment
  7. Slit Lamp Documentation
  8. Tonometer
  9. Topography
  10. Vision Test Types
  11. Visual Test Equipment
  12. Vitreoretinal Surgery
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Münchholzhäuser Straße 29 Wetzlar 35582  Alemania