A showroom-like store with remote vision measurement

OWNDAYS a manufacturer and seller of eyeglasses and sunglasses, has opened a store on Kume Island, the only eyeglass store on the island, offering remote eye examinations and reliable warranty services that are remotely connected to a control center at the Tokyo headquarters. The store opened Saturday, March 26.

Kumejima currently has a population of approximately 7,500 (as of February 2022) and an aging population, and while the number of potential eyeglass users is increasing, there is not a single eyeglass store on the island, and OWNDAYS has conducted on-site sales on Kumejima twice in the past.

However, with on-site sales, it was difficult to create an environment where customers could immediately consult with OWNDAYS if they had any problems with their vision or frames after purchase, requiring them to come to OWNDAYS on the main island of Okinawa. As a business, there were concerns about logistics and personnel costs for opening stores on remote islands, but the new coronavirus led to rapid progress in DXing of existing stores and the ability to provide convenient and reliable services to customers on remote islands, such as remote vision measurement and customer registration using LINE.

The Kumejima store displays approximately 400 original frames, which customers can freely try on while checking details and specifications with their hands. Vision measurements are taken remotely from the control center at the Tokyo headquarters using OWNDAYS’ original remote vision measuring device installed in the store. This allows customers to have their vision measured by experienced and highly skilled specialists at all times, even if there are no specialist staff at the store. Measurements are performed free of charge, and if any inconvenience arises in viewing, the remote measuring equipment can be used for immediate consultation.


OWNDAYS will provide a remote vision measuring device, AI prescription evaluation program, and other services. By digitizing the various specialized technologies required for eyeglass stores, we have significantly reduced the running costs of store operations. This will enable us to open new stores in areas where it has been impossible to open stores in the past, with the goal of achieving zero eyeglass shopping refugees.

Source: https://www.owndays.com/jp/ja/eyeglasses